Strategic Goals

Cognitive Technologies, Inc., has become known in research and customer communities for distinctive theoretical, methodological, and practical approaches to decision making, and for the successful development of strategies for improving decision making quality. Our customers benefit from the further development and application of these concepts and methods.

The primary goal of CTI is to provide decision-making solutions to problems that demand innovative ideas. In many cases, solutions also involve the development, application, and testing of advanced technology.

The focus of CTI's work has been time-stressed decisions under uncertainty, where the costs of an error are potentially high. Our customer base has traditionally comprised government agencies with an interest in high-stakes, time-pressured decision making, such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Intelligence Community, NASA, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Although CTI has developed training and decision support methods that can be applied to a variety of domains, each new application requires a deep understanding of the subject area, adaptation of the training or decision support methods to that area, and, often, the resolution of new research issues. CTI puts together teams of employees and expert consultants to tackle each new subject area.

The company has sought to maintain a small full-time employee base, while utilizing a larger pool of part-time employees, university and industry consultants, and subcontractors to provide a high-quality and flexible response to shifting business opportunities. CTI has also joined in a consortium (called Decision Spectrum Group) with three other companies with complementary capabilities, in order to bid on larger projects.

More recently, CTI has participated in the creation of a commercial enterprise, GlobalWisdom, Inc., with the goal of commercializing the critical thinking and information retrieval technologies that CTI has developed along with its various partneres in academia and industry.

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